Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ink Aviation?

Ink Aviation (from here on referred to as Ink) is an Information, Technology and Services company that provides smart, simple, and effective systems for the aviation industry, with an aim to improve the passenger experience while also reducing operating costs for their clients. Please see their website for more information.

What does the partnership between Caribbean Airlines and Ink entail?

Caribbean Airlines (from here on referred to as CAL) and Ink have partnered to offer our customers the option to purchase a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) or Antigen (Rapid) test upon completion of their flight booking process. In addition to the sale of a test, Ink will also offer Caribbean Airlines’ passengers the option to download the Ink Digital Passport as part of CAL’s passenger health verification process.

What is the Ink Digital Passport used for?

The Ink Digital Health Passport provides a touchless experience where after taking a test, customers can receive test results via a Mobile App, called the Tento Wallet, and present their results at airport check-in for verification.

If I am interested in using the digital passport, what do I have to do?

Upon completion of the test booking, customers are invited to download the Ink Mobile App (Tento Wallet) via the Apple App or Google Play Store.

How long in advance can I book and purchase the test?

You can purchase your test up to (7) seven days in advance but no less than (48) forty-eight hours from your departure date. Please remember to visit our travel restrictions page at for individual country entry requirements.

Can someone book more than one test if multiple persons are travelling on the same reservation?

Yes, you can book and purchase multiple tests however, each passenger is currently required to complete his/her individual test booking and a unique confirmation is sent for each passenger.

Can a customer purchase multiple tests, i.e. for more than one segment on his/her itinerary?

Multiple tests can be purchased however, the customer is only allowed to book and purchase a test for their next upcoming flight. For any subsequent flights e.g. their return flight, the customer can purchase his/her test only after the previous flight segment has passed.

How long until I receive results after taking the test?

The time for results depends on the type of test you have taken and the turnaround time of the lab. Results are usually within 24-48hrs.
We cannot guarantee the turnaround times so we advise taking the test as soon as you are allowed to according to the requirement of the destination(s) that you are travelling to. We cannot be liable for costs associated with receiving late, false positive, or results.

When should I arrive at the lab?

Please arrive at the lab 15 minutes before your test. For your protection and others’, please wear a mask inside the lab.

Do I need identification when taking my test?

It is essential to bring photo ID so that your identity can be verified before taking the test. You will not be able to take a test without this verification.

What type of Pre-departure test do I need?

Each country has its own test requirements. RT-PCR tests are the gold standard and are accepted universally. Some countries accept Antigen tests but please verify that it is accepted in all of the countries in your itinerary before booking that test.

If I am interested in booking and paying for a test, what do I have to do?

The purchase of a test can be facilitated on completion of the flight booking process via our website or at all CAL ticket offices. If purchasing via the website, a link that takes you to the Ink Test Booking portal is available on the flight booking confirmation page. If purchasing via the Call Centre or one of our Ticket Offices, the attending agent will assist by directing you to the location on CAL’s website where the link can be found.

Are both the test and digital passport available at all CAL stations?

The facilitation of testing is available through Ink partner labs across CAL’s network (locations listed on Ink Booking Portal) which is continuously expanding. The use of the digital passports is available at the same jurisdictions where testing is available, for all customers who chose to download the Ink Mobile App (Tento Wallet)

Am I able to book a test on a date after I make my flight booking?

Yes, this is possible. You can visit CAL’s website and follow the guidelines outlined on the home page.

How much does the PCR test cost?

The cost of the test varies based on the country and lab facilitating the test. Information on pricing can be found inside the Ink Test Booking portal.

Is payment for the test required immediately?

Payment is required immediately when you are booking an appointment with the lab.

Can I change my test appointment if I decide to change my travel date?

If you are interested in changing your appointment, you must contact the lab directly for assistance in doing so.

If I paid for a test but no longer flying, is the fee refundable?

All arrangements and agreements pertaining to the test (booking and payment) are between the customer and Ink. Ink’s Terms and Conditions, inclusive of but not limited to refunds are provided on the Ink Test Booking portal and customers are encouraged to review these conditions before agreeing to them.

How will I receive my certificate?

After you have taken the test, you will receive a certificate with your results by either Email or the Wallet app as soon as the result is updated in the Ink system.

Is my data secure when using this booking system?

Ink is a provider of enterprise systems to airlines and follows strict information security protocols in handling personal data. All personal data is fully encrypted when stored in databases and transferred. Data is irretrievably deleted within 5 days of the result being uploaded.